Hello, my name is Gabriel Heinzer.

I am fascinated by technology of all kinds. For example, I like to create websites like this one or program other applications.

I also like to go to the mountains and take pictures or filming nature there. I find it especially beautiful when you discover a wild animal.



officr is a todo-list, which I use for my homework and for other todos.

The communication with the backend is done via a websocket. The backend is a Node.js server, which in in turn uses a MySQl database to store the entries and User data to be stored.

Categories and types can be used. In my case the categories are the subjects (Math, English, French, etc.) and the types... ...yes the types are just the types (homework, exam, other). Furthermore the entries can be filtered with these categories and types, both can be filtered with the status of the entry (not yet done, done). There is also the possibility to filter the Filter entries with a search filter.

The server runs on a Raspberry Pi (it can be therefore, that it is not reachable at the moment...), but it can be accessed easily via officr.gabrielheinzer.ch.

See the page Code on GitHub
Dieses Bild ist leider nicht verfügbar.

Dieses Bild ist leider nicht verfügbar.


www.heinzer-family.ch is our "family website" and until recently (until 2021) it was rather old-fashioned. That's why I took it in hand once and renewed the website from scratch. The website now has a new gallery where every registered user can upload pictures.

I did this mainly because both I, but also many other family members like to take pictures (especially nature). But in my opinion it was also instructive to program the account system.

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